Date: Wed, 03 Jan 96 11:48:00 PST
From: Nils A Hedglin 
Subject: DSII Questions & Campaign Framework

What happened to all the DSII discussion?  There's hardly been any Full 
Thrust threads either.  Well, maybe this'll stir things up.

1) Can only ADS & LAD fire at Aerospace fighters?  That's how I read the 
rules.  So, if the opponent has neither of those, then the fighter can 
fill the sky with fire & the enemy's fatigues with shite (like mine did 
taking out a 5 tank Class-3 unit, an Arty FO & 1/2 a Battery).

2) Since I'm building a Canadian force, does anyone know where I can 
find Maple Leaf decals?

3) Below are a set of Tech Levels for DSII army design.  They are 
loosely based on Striker/Traveller Tech Levels.  You can set up 
scenarios or a campaign with certain tech level restrictions or design a 
force to fit a certain level.  It could even be used to help design 
alien forces by restricting them in certain levels, but not in others.  
I know he missed Amphibious, RFACs, splitting out fire control levels 
for GMS, Artillery, & Interface/Drop Troops.  Also, he didn't explicitly 
define the campaign turn.  I'll send this stuff out when I get it.

6+   CFE Power
     Wheeled & Slow Tracked
     Basic Fire Control
     Basic ADS

7+   Reactive Armor
     Fast Tracked & Slow GEV
     Basic PDS
     Basic ECM
     Biochem Rounds
     Nuke Rounds
     Basic CBR

8+   HMT Power
     Enhanced Fire Control
     Enhanced ADS
     Stealth +1
     Enhanced CBR
     Aerospace Fighter

9+   Ablative Armor
     Fast GEV
     Enhanced PDS
     Enhanced ECM
     Stealth +2
     Superior CBR

10+  Superior Fire Control
     Superior ADS
     Stealth +3

11+  Superior PDS
     Superior ECM
     Stealth +4

12+  FGP Power

13+  Powered Infantry

1 Victory point (i.e. Objective Point)=100 troop points or 1 Research 
point or 1 Development point

During the spending phase, victory points may be banked, spent on 
elements, or allocated to R&D.

During the research phase, roll 1d6 & add the points devoted to research 
(MAX of 6).  A minimum of 1 research point must be spent in order to 

Die Roll  Result
2-4       +1 to next turn's research roll
5-6       Increase Tech level of 1 randomly chosen research area by 1
7-8       Increase Tech level of 2 randomly chosen research areas by 1
9-10      Increase Tech level of 1 research area by choice by 1
11-12     Increase Tech level of 2 research area by choice by 1

During the development phase, 1 development point must be spent in order 
to open a research area that has had it's Tech Level increased for 
spending during the next spending phase.

[I don't completely understand the development phase myself.]


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