Date: Thu, 5 Oct 1995 18:13:28 -0400
Subject: Re: Dirtside

I have been playing Dirtside II with Steve Gibson for a while now. These are
some of the conversions that I have developed for those of us who happen to
like the Kra'Vak as introduced in Full Thrust. Since they tend to use some
very effective weapons that are called railguns. I decided to develop
infantry and vehicles weapons that would represent the lethality of the Full
Thrust ships on a ground combat scale.
	The infantry I pictured are basically Powered armor with a large shoulder
mounted railgun. The railgun can be switched from anti-infantry to
anti-vehicle. This means that they can fire a short stream of anti-infantry,
hence the 2 FP, or a single shot of accumulated power against vehicles.(Can't
you just hear that puppy humm as the power builds?!)  I increased the ranges
at which they can fire at infantry and against vehicles. But they also pay
for these abilities with their points cost.
	Steve and I debated over the points values and ranges of both, and we think
that we came up a fair combination.

KRA'VAK Infantry
Allways Powered Armor

MV = 6"
HTK = 5
FP = 2
RNG = 18"
Cost = 75
OTR = VS Vehicles IAVR's have a range of 8" these infantry railguns have an
effective range against vehicles of 8" they draw 2 chits and they all count.
Only Red against reactive armor. APFC has no effect on Kra'Vak IAVR's. 

KRA'VAK Vehicles - Railgun

Roll		Short d12		 Medium d10		 Long d8

Sizes	3	24"			36"			48"
	4	30"			42"			54"
	5	36"			48"			60"

DMG = Size of weapon . All chits count at all ranges, R&Y against reactive
armor, Green against Infantry

	Spaces taken by weapon sizes
Size 3		4
Size 4		5
Size 5		6
			Can be turret mounted

Cost = Size X 25

Vehicle requirements = Must purchase Sup. Firecon and Reactive Armor. May not
have energy weapons if vehicle is pure Kra'Vak.

	Vehicle railguns are massive pieces of equipment. But they are also very
powerfull. They have excellent range and they are almost guarnateed a kill
per shot. A single size three vehicle with a turret mounted railgun should
have an excellent chance of taking out a size five vehicle. So what if you
can't put any other weapon on the thing?! One shot is all it takes!
Just add a small RFAC or additional APSW's. Remember Kra'Vak don't use energy
weapons so don't even think of putting HEL's on the thing.
	Any comments are appreciated