Larry Jeselon's Epic Eldar for Dirtside II

From: (Larry Jeselon)
Subject: Epic Eldar for the Dirtside II game
Date: Fri, 07 Jul 1995 04:00:45 GMT

I have just purchased Dirtside II and thought I would give a shot at
translating Epic Eldar to this wonderful system.  

Any comments or "constructive" critisism would be appreciated.  I
should have the vehicles done in the next day or so and will post them

NOTE:  Some of the points had to be decided on an arbitrary basis as I
was not sure how to classify some of the special abilities.

Eldar Infantry For Dirtside II

Guardians   :  Militia  : 15 pts.

Scouts         :  Militia  : 20 pts.
                       :  Cannot be targeted if firer is over 10"
                       :  May deploy anywhere on the table but not 
                          within 10" of enemy unit.
                        :  May deploy hidden.

Aspect Warriors
- Dire Avengers        : Line : 20 pts.
- Striking Scorpions : Line : 40 pts. (Assault Unit)
                                       : Treat as "Dug-In" in  all CC.
                                       : Destroyed by 5 valid 
                                         damage points.
                                       : Draw 4 chits in CC.

- Howling Banshees   : Line : 35 pts. (Assault Unit)
                                      : Defender draws 1 less chit if 
                                        Banshees initiate  CC.
                                       : Treat as "Soft Cover" in CC.

 - Fire Dragons       : Line : 45 pts. (APSW)
                      : Fire against vehicles is treated as a DFFG/1.
                      : APSW fire range is only 6".

 - Swooping Hawks     : Line : 40 pts.
                      : Treat as a "Grav" unit.  Must be declared 
                        during activation and all movement must be in 
                        a straight line.

 - Dark Reapers       : Treated as an Anti-Armour/LAD team.
                      : GMS/L with Superior Guidance.
Harlequins            : Line : 30 pts. (Assault Unit)
                      : Treated as Militia in Infantry Firefights 
                                (Yes, they can shoot too.)
                      : In CC the defender is treated as being one 
                        cover class worse than they actually are. (ie:

                         Dug-In becomes Soft Cover)
                      : In CC they are treated as being one cover 
                        class better than they are. (ie: Open becomes 
                        Soft Cover)

Exarchs               : Powered : 50 pts.
                      : Destroyed by 6 valid damage points.
                      : Do not take reaction or confidence tests in 
                      : Under fire modifiers are ignored for ranged 

Wraithguard           : Powered : 75 pts.
                      : Destroyed by 7 valid damage points.
                      : Counted as having a DFFG/2 vs vehicles with a 
                        Max range of 12".
                      : Must stay within 5" of a "living" Eldar unit. 
                        The Avatar and Dreadnoughts do not count.

Warlocks              : Line : 100 pts.  
(I am not to sure about how  this unit balances)
 : Psychic Powers 
- Mind Blast : Treat as a Biochem attack affecting all units.
- Psychic Lock : Pick a unit within 12" and roll a d6. On a 
                              4+ the unit is pinned in place and may 
                              not move or fire during its next 
- Eldritch Storm : Pick a location within 18". All units within 2" of 
                                 this spot are flung about and lose 
                                 their next activation.

Well, that is it for now.  E-mail me at the address below for

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