Subj: The Blob! It's comming and it's HUNGRY!!!!
Date: Tue, 07 Nov 1995 19:45:40 EST

These are the rules that I came up with for a Dirtside game where a giant
Blob appeared to destroy a colony city. We used Playdough to represent the
Blob and smaller pieces of different colored playdough to represent the
smaller creatures. In our game the main body was blown up in turn three. The
rest of the game was taken up with the defenders units trying to kill all of
the tentacles before they reached maturity. There where a number of turns
where the tentacles would have become smaller Blobs, but they where nearly
allways damaged and another turn was added to their growth. In the end all of
the tentacles where destroyed, except for one that made it into some woods.
There it absorbed the trees and wildlife in a frenzy of growth (out of reach
of enemy weapons)and it developed into a smaller blob.

The defending player selected four units to place on the board at the
beginning of the game, and then rolled for a unit of re-inforcements every
turn. This was done by compiling a table of units. Then rolling randomly each
turn to see what unit types appeared to help destroy the Blob. Infantry
usually apeared within 24" to 36" inches and other vehicles/mechs came from
the opposite end of the board that the Blob was on. 

The Blob

Main mass is a size 7 Vehicle. All shots at main mass are one range closer.
Tentacles are size 4 Vehicles.

	The Blob is one main mass, and six tentacles.
Each tentacle has two HEL/3 and 4 APSW's. Up to four tentacles can target one
side of the blob at the same time.

If an arm is shot off it re-generates after 1d4 turns.

All blob creatures roll d6 and a d4 to try and absorb missile impacts. Take
highest roll.

Blob rolls d6 to try and avoid damage from any direct fire.

	The main body moves towards the center of the table for the first two t
movement rate is 2d6 inches per turn. After that it moves randomly each turn.
Roll one d12 that is the direction on a clock template that it moves.

If the Blob moves over any unit/terrain it is automatically absorbed into the
Blob. Friend, foe and building alike.

	All Blob creatures have enhanced targeting, movement type as stated.

	Each creature/unit targets the unit that it first sees. Roll d12 and us
e the
clock template. That is the direction that they first look. If there are no
units in that direction then move clockwise in a straight line, the first
unit that you intersect is what they shoot and move towards. If there aren't
any then they move randomly like the Blob.

	The Blob player can chose to fire and move or to move and fire. Can eve
perform opportunity fire.

	At the begining of each turn the main body spits out a small horde of
creatures. Roll on d12 and check the table. This does not cancel the Blobs
activation. This is a seperate action.
The Blob appears on the board with 2 existing random units.

1) Size 3 flying Jellyfish movement 12", DFFG/2, APSW X 2, Armor 3, rolls D10
to save, ignore terrain.

2) Size 2 Giant Centipede movement fast tracked, HKP/4, APSW X 1, Armor 2,
 Rolls D10 to save

3) 2 Hard Shelled Alien Stands, treat like Powered Infantry.

4) (Only one) Size 5 Giant Slug, Movement Slow tracked, HEL/4, APSW X 2,
Armor 5, Rolls D6

5) None (Some emerge but are eaten by the Blob again)

6) 2 Size 1 Combat Walkers, MDC/2, APSW X 1, Armor 1, Rolls D10

7) Size 3 Crab Things, Fast Tracked, HKP/3, APSW X 2, APFC, Rolls D8

8) 1 Unit of Flying Lizards, Treat as Powered Infantry. 12" movement, allways
moves towards nearest enemy. Ignore terrain.

9) 1 Tentacle is dropped. Becomes Stationary Size 4. 3 HEL/3, 4 X APSW. The
arm that was dropped regrows after 1d6 turns. Rolls D8

10) None ( they are eaten by the blob as they are created)

11) A Swarm of killer Bee things. SLAM/4 hits nearest enemy target as from
medium range.

12) 2 Size 2 Warriors, War walkers. MDC/2, GMS/H, Armor 3, rolls D8

	To see how many of each type are produced roll d6 -2. You allways get a
least one, but no more than four of any. 
Example if you roll an 8 and then a 5 you get three stands of Flying
Gargoyles, that function as a unit.
When the units are created roll 2d6 and a random direction to see where they
land. Measure from the center of the blob. If they land on the blob they are

Immobilization counters immobilizes the unit (any unit) for one activation.
Any systems down counter prevents that unit from firing for one activation.
Infantry types and APSW's are exempt.
Damage counters make the creature move only at half movement for one turn.

If the center mass is ever destroyed. The individual tentacles move 1d6
inches straight away from the main body, this happens as soon as the main
body is destroyed. Roll a d6 + 1 for each tentacle. That is the number of
turns that the defender gets to destroy that tentacle before it grows into a
smaller blob. place dice next to the tentacle. Any damage counter placed on
the tentacles retard their growth by one turn. 

Once the tentacles reach maturity they become smaller blobs that have four
Size 3 arms with 2 HEL/2, 3 X APSW's each. The center mass is size 5 and
cannot create the size five Slug. This blob now moves randomly as well. 2d6
inches worth of movement. If it runs into another blob roll 2d6 for each blob
the one that has the highest roll wins and absorbs the other. They become one
and create 1d6 units instantly. 

Any comments are appreciated, and welcome.