My Experiences Buying Miniatures

What follows is a summary of my experiences with these mail-order vendors. Each score is ranked from 1-5, with 1 being unacceptable, 3 being "average," and 5 being exceptional. These are fairly arbitrary, and represent my impression of ordering from these vendors. Specifically, a 2 indicates that I was unpleased, and a 1 indicates extreme displeasure. These scores should also be judged against the number of transactions done with the vendor. When actual orders have been tracked, they will be included. Each vendor has an overall rating, which is my general impression of the vendor, not an average or related in any way to their specific scores, and includes criteria not specifically scored here.

Brookhurst Hobbies: 4/5

Eureka Miniatures: 5/5

Gauntlet International: 4/5

Liberation Miniatures: 4/5

Peter Pig: 2/5

Piquet, Inc.: 4/5

Silver Eagle Wargaming: 4/5

Wargames: 5/5

Wargames Foundry: 3/5

WarWeb: 4/5